Music Kids




Our Philosophy:

Our mission is to provide a safe nurturing environment that helps foster children’s independence and sense of self.

Providing a play-based program allows children to explore a variety of open-ended materials. At Mountains of Fun Daycare we believe strongly in emergent curriculum and working with the child’s desire to learn. Building a strong foundation is essential in preparing our children for the years to come. Our approach will prepare them socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally. While doing this we must not forget that children learn through their imaginations and creativity. Going back to basics and embracing a natural environment both inside and outside is something we strive for. Childhood is short and sweet and needs to be preserved in today’s busy society.

We choose not to brand our centre with a specific style or philosophy that is the latest news in childcare. Each child is an individual and may have a slightly different approach to learning and we as teachers must adapt our methods to meet their needs.

When you give a child responsibility you empower them and in turn they learn to respect themselves, others and their environment.